Montreal: International day against military trials of civillians in Egypt

On Saturday November 12th, members of the Egyptian community, Occupy and Decolonize Montreal, the International League of people’s struggle and Tadamon! held a speak out at Occupy Montreal in response to the call for solidarity to defend the revolution.  November 12th was called as international day by the Campaign to end the Military trials of civilians in Egypt.  “Since the military junta took power, at least 12,000 of us have been tried by military courts, unable to call witnesses and with limited access to lawyers. Minors are serving in adult prisons, death sentences have been handed down, torture runs rampant. Women demonstrators have been subjected to sexual assault in the form of “virginity tests” by the Army.” -from the No Military trials letter of solidarity.

Here in Montreal Egyptian activists spoke to those at occupy montreal about the need to continue the revolution and support the struggle of Egyptian activists to defend the revolution from the military junta. After a warm response,  songs and chants that showed the solidarity in a common struggle against neo-liberalism, and our capitalist system.  Egyptian activists led the weekly march of Occupy Montreal chanting “Ca suffit, ca suffit Harper Harper C’est Fini”, and stopping in front of the  Egyptian consulate to denounce the military trials, and to show we are one struggle from Tahrir to Montreal!

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Egypt: A movement has awaken from Ghazl Mahalla to Cairo!

photo: Hossam El-Hamalawy

2 Part Interview to Listen click here

In this two part interview on the current political and economic situation in Egypt. Hossam el-Hamalawy is a journalist and blogger from Cairo who has been active in the struggles for social and economic justice in egypt and in the labor movement.

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