Interview with Christoph Scherrer on TTIP & CETA

Listen to an interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer of the University of Kassel, director of the International centre for development and decent work, on the future impacts of major trade Agreements such as (TTIP)Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement, between the United States and the European Union and (CETA)Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the E.U. , but also their connections to the TPP.

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China, Eurozone crisis, and the Limits of finance capitalism 7 years after: Inteview Trevor Evans

7 years ago this September. A crisis that began in wall street which morphed into a global financial crisis. Exposing, the limits to finance dominated capital. Yet the result of the crisis was only the preservation of finance dominated capitalism. 7 years later, the periphery of the Eurozone remains in crisis. The inflated Chinese economy, the overvalued stock market and its rapid decline only exposing how little has changed since 2007, in the architecture of the global economy.

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Interview UNITE Community in Action in East London

Listen to an Interview with Monowar Badrudduza the Cooridnator for UNITE the Unions first ever community centre in East London. I speak with Monowar on the work of UNITE Community in East London, the organizing against cuts to council housing, welfare reform, and broader impacts of austerity in the community of Tower Hamlets.

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Austerity and Benefit sanctions in the UK

Listen to an interview with Clarence Jackman from the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group(KUWG) in London, England. The KUWG is a self organized group of unemployed people in the area Kilburn, that organize on the basis of solidarity and self-help to fight the “ravages of the UK welfare system and the job centres”.
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CKUT 90.3FM Gentrification in Canadian Cities Today

A live round-table discussion on gentrification in Canadian cities with guests Fred Burrill from P.O.P.I.R. & Liisa Schofield from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). Hosted by CKUT’s Mostafa Henaway. Our guests will discuss the current housing crisis in the midst of widespread gentrification and rapid rise of condos in working class neighborhoods and current struggles for social housing, democracy on the urban level and the fight back against gentrification and speculation.

The workers vs. temporary labour agencies


Link to download full article choudry-henaway

Choudry & Henaway. The workers vs.temporary labour agencies.

The workers vs. temporary labour agencies. Contextualizing im/migrant workers’ struggles against temporary labour recruitment agencies in Canada1

Paper for Second International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology, (Research Committee 44 – Labour Movements), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-4 August 2012. (Panel on Unfree Labour: States, Capital and the struggles of migrant and immigrant Workers for social and economic justice)

Aziz Choudry2 and Mostafa Henaway3

“Labor history is full of vicious little timewarps, where archaic or long foresworn practices and conceptions of work are reinvented in a fresh context. . . . The “sweating system” of farming outwork to competing contractors in the nineteenth-century garment industry was once considered an outdated exception to the rule of the integrated factory system. Disdained as a pre-industrial relic by the apostles of scientific management, this form of subcontracting is now a basic principle of almost every sector of the post-industrial economy and has emerged as the number one weapon in capital’s arsenal of labor cost-cutting and union-busting”. (Ross, 2001:83)

Immigration and Austerity: The Invisible WALL of the Invisible Hand Article written for Solidarity Across Borders in 2013, for their newspaper Solidarity City  Journal
 May 10, 2013
 by Mostafa Henaway, of the Immigrant Workers Centre.

 Within Canada and Quebec, maintaining global competiveness in a time of growing           austerity, both in the public and private sector, and the bottoming out of neoliberal policies, has created a climate of insecurity. The continual scapegoating of migrant workers, immigrants, and those without status here in Canada hides the simple fact that neoliberalism can only exist on the backs of immigrant/migrant workers.

Yet at the same time the concentration of wealth in our society has become unprecedented. The 10 wealthiest people in Quebec have an equivalent wealth to the salaries of 1 million Quebecers working at minimum wage. Canada also has– quietly– one of the largest concentrations of billionaires on the planet, at 64. This level of wealth concentration– brought on by the neoliberalism of the last three decades– has led to unprecedented poverty. In Toronto in 2012, there were 1.12 million visits to food banks, the second highest level on recorded number. At least in Toronto, this is largely due to the fact that even having a 40-hour a week job at minimum wage is not an escape from poverty. According to a groundbreaking report based on Statistics Canada labour and income data, the number of working poor in Toronto “pouring coffee, cleaning toilets and otherwise toiling for low wages in office towers and factories is growing dramatically. Between 2000 and 2005, the area’s working poor grew by 42 per cent, to 113,000 people.”

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