Interview UNITE Community in Action in East London

Listen to an Interview with Monowar Badrudduza the Cooridnator for UNITE the Unions first ever community centre in East London. I speak with Monowar on the work of UNITE Community in East London, the organizing against cuts to council housing, welfare reform, and broader impacts of austerity in the community of Tower Hamlets.

I also speak with Monowar on the historical significance of the battle of cable street and how it now serves as a stark reminder that the battles against xenophobia, Islamophobia remain just as relevant as they did 78 years ago.

UNITE in the Community project was initiated to organize among the unemployed, tenants, and immigrant communities in East London. To support them as they organize against the continued housing crisis in London, the rising tide of xenophobia, and the further cuts made to benefits by the Tory government. UNITE in the Community is an effort by UNITE the Union, UK’s largest union representing 1.4 million people. To build a movement of working class people beyond the workplace, to challenge the agenda of privatization, cuts to public services, and the reduction of the welfare state. Their attempt is to build a new type of union.

For more information:…itymembership


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