Austerity and Benefit sanctions in the UK

Listen to an interview with Clarence Jackman from the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group(KUWG) in London, England. The KUWG is a self organized group of unemployed people in the area Kilburn, that organize on the basis of solidarity and self-help to fight the “ravages of the UK welfare system and the job centres”.

The KUWG was set up after the financial crisis in 2008 to organize the unemployed against the unprecedented austerity measures that have been ongoing since 2010. that have mainly impacted those on benefits, housing benefits. They organize solidarity with those on benefit cuts, facing evictions, workfare and part of the broader movement against austerity. I speak with Clarence on the impacts of 5 years of austerity on the unemployed its relationship to the broader trade union movement, and the benefit sanctions regime which has seen over 1 million people have had their benefits cut.

For more information about the KUWG:

For more information about the fight against Benefit Sanctions:…itymembership/


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