The workers vs. temporary labour agencies


Link to download full article choudry-henaway

Choudry & Henaway. The workers vs.temporary labour agencies.

The workers vs. temporary labour agencies. Contextualizing im/migrant workers’ struggles against temporary labour recruitment agencies in Canada1

Paper for Second International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology, (Research Committee 44 – Labour Movements), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-4 August 2012. (Panel on Unfree Labour: States, Capital and the struggles of migrant and immigrant Workers for social and economic justice)

Aziz Choudry2 and Mostafa Henaway3

“Labor history is full of vicious little timewarps, where archaic or long foresworn practices and conceptions of work are reinvented in a fresh context. . . . The “sweating system” of farming outwork to competing contractors in the nineteenth-century garment industry was once considered an outdated exception to the rule of the integrated factory system. Disdained as a pre-industrial relic by the apostles of scientific management, this form of subcontracting is now a basic principle of almost every sector of the post-industrial economy and has emerged as the number one weapon in capital’s arsenal of labor cost-cutting and union-busting”. (Ross, 2001:83)


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