just because Bill c-38 passed does not mean we dont struggle

This coming wednesday Mouvement Action Chommage and other Unemployed worker groups in montreal, are planning to fight against the draconian changes to Unemployment Insurance in Canada. It is to be a real critical struggle because it will mean the first real federal challenge to austerity in Canada. Many of the times we are still taken a back by what has been passed by the federal gov’t under Harper the past 1 year. Yet for activists the dilemna of 1. wanting to simply build just an anti-harper movement because it would be completely void of any politics, which I agree with 100% 2. It would not actually challenge the issues behind the government and actually any government whether liberal, ndp, or conservative. But I think we can challenge the austerity measures put in place, in the same way the student movement developed in Quebec. Both waging a struggle around a particular fight in which we know if these changes are allowed to go through with out any resistance how much further will they go, the attacks on unions, the unemployed, and actually everyone who without any jobs for working people especially young people dont enjoy private pensions particularly poor people, so the denial of OAS until your 67 is really an attack on poor people once again. So we can challenge these policies without it simply being an “anti-harper” movement its about working people, poor people, fighting against unjust measures but a more radical vision of society.

Sorry just wanting to put some thoughts out into the world wide web…. any thoughts are always welcome

just because Bill c-38 passed does not mean we dont struggle


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