This is Just a photo at Parc metro waiting endlessly for the blue line. The reason though for posting this photo is to explain why I called my blog notes from the blue line. For me the journey from home everyday to the Immigrant Workers Centre is for several reasons, that i will try to explain. The first is that the Blue line is the worst line in Montreal you never know when its coming and if you see it coming, you run like all hell because you can be stuck for 20 minutes. So to me also it is the line that is predominantly immigrant, it serves st Michel, Parc-x, Cote-Des Neiges all lovely working poor immigrant neighborhoods. So it is the most marginalized metro line in terms of who has to take it and how shitty it is to take the blue line. The main reason though for calling my blog notes from the blue line is taking the blue line day in and day out, there is something energizing about it, inspiring, people seem to be happier, louder and even though these are the people who’s live are suppose to be the shittiest they try to live the most. Not only that you see all the beauty and hope in the world riding the blue line, people who stories, lives, histories that in our society aren’t suppose to matter, but one day when we have our revolution will matter the most and talents and capacities as human being’s will be appreciated and allowed to flourish as opposed to being the ones who just serve, drive, feed, clean, for those in our society who get to.. so its an homage to my family, myself, and all those working poor immigrants and regular folk riding the blue line day in day out and the hope there is going to be better day without the stress of the blue line, working 7 days a week 12 hours a day just to survive.


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