New Security Certificate Legislation::Same denial of Justice

Adil Charkaoui who remains under a security certificate

An interview with Yavar Hameed, on the Conservative governments attempt to rush in new security certificate Legislation, after it being deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada in February of 2007.

On Monday October 21st the conservative government introduced bill c-3, which would amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection act in which the security certificate process falls under. Yavar discussed the proposed changes to the law and the attempts to sugar coat the previous security certificate measures by introducing a “special advocate” appointed by the court through a pre approved list of advocates from the ministry of justice.

Yavar also speaks about the deportation process of Mohommed Harakat as a form of rendition to torture, and the complete unconstitutionality of the entire process regardless of what is tweaked.

Yavar Hameed is the lawyer-founder of Hameed Farrokhzad St-Pierre
Chambers. He workers primarily in the area of rights and liberties. His
practice responds to the many examples of direct and indirect profiling of Arab-Muslim communities since 11 September. He works for the rights of the non-status, homeless and low-income while representing them in the context of civil recourse against police brutality. He was the Ottawa Agent of Johanne Doyon, Charkaoui’s lawyer, during the appeal to the Supreme Court on the question of the constitutionality of the security certificate.

He teaches part-time at Carleton University’s Law Department and is regularly involved in public debate on the issues of racial profiling, the security certificate, and the Anti Terrorism Act.

This interview was produced and conducted by Mostafa Henaway for CKUT 90.3FM

For more information about Security Certificates and the fight to abolish them

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