Cutting the ties to Israeli Apartheid

coalition against israeli apartheid

 Audio Report for CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and CKLN 88.1FM in Toronto

Audio Link On saturday  December 23rd one day before christmas, over 80 activists in
Toronto, officially  launched  a boycott campaign against Chapters and
Indigo Bookstores. The campaign demands an end to the financial support
offered by the majority owners of Chapters and Indigo to Heseg ­ the
Foundation for Lone Soldiers.

The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, came out to the heart of the
downtown core of Toronto, and held a mass leafleting and information
picket to launch this campaign against Chapters and Indigo. This campaign
is part of a larger movement to end israeli apartheid through boycott
divestment and sanctions.

This report was conducted and produced by mostafa henaway of ckut 903 fm
in montreal, and CKLN 881FM in Toronto

For more information you can contact the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid


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