The struggle for liberation in Iran: Between Ahmadinejad and US Invasion

A 2 part interview on the struggle for justice and dignity in Iran
with Merhdad Jamshid

Iran for over the past two years has undergone a continued threat from US military invasion, and Israeli Aggression. Internally the policies of the Iranian regime are being challenged by a rebirth of a reformist movement made up of transit workers, students, womens organizations all demaning basic rights, and dignity.

Since 1979 Iran has become key in US foreign policy, with the US backing
Sadam Hussein’s military in a bloody war that lasted over 8 years leaving 2
million dead. To claiming Iran as key to the Axis of evil after september
11th, and now Iran’s Atomic program has been key in targetting
Iran for sanctions and possible military intervention.

Yet Ahmadinejad has also been persuing a stronger Anti-American sentiment in
order to supress the growing movements in Iran.

Merhdad Jamshidi the canadian representative of the Tute Party (Communist
Party) of Iran speaks in a two part interview about the history of
resistance in Iran leading to the revolution in 1979, where the US backed
Shaw was overthrown by popular resistance yet becoming co-opted by the
Khomeni to put down these movements after the revolution. Merhdad speaks
to the present day threat of US Invasion, and the need for solidarity

Produced by mostafa henaway for CKUT 90.3FM

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